WebTrax Studio: We are a team of creative communications and marketing professionals dedicated to ecological responsibility and sustainable living.

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Our Team Members

We are a group of creative communications and marketing professionals committed to working towards a healthier, more just planet.

ESTELLE CAROL (senior designer) has over 20 years of design and illustration experience. She is a skilled art director who designs a wide range of products including magazines, newsletters, brochures, books, ads, letterhead, logos, and websites. Estelle organized WebTrax Studio in 1998 to expand the services offered by her graphic design studio Carol Simpson Productions.  Read longer bio...

BOB SIMPSON (writing & social media) is a former high-school teacher. He offers his experience and knowledge in content management systems, website design strategies, and third-party web-development tools. His expertise is in the Joomla Open Source web-building package.

DANA SIMPSON (senior tech) is a web designer and print designer who specializes in design, development, and troubleshooting of both Joomla! and WordPress sites.

DAVID MARQUES is an artist & life-lover who spends his time at the intersection of creative tech geekery and positive social change. When not web developing or photographing for non-profits and activist movements, he can be found teaching youth media, designing for local artists, or laying down DJ sets at local clubs.

JANE BECKETT brings 30 years of experience with community-based and social justice nonprofits to her work with small and medium-sized groups.  She excels at working with membership-based organizations; self-help groups; and smaller service agencies, cultural organizations, and foundations.

STEVE RICHTER is a database professional and programmer with 20 years of experience which includes Internet programming and scripting languages (HTML, PL/SQL, Perl, Java, Javascript, DHTML, C, ASP, TCL, Visual Basic, COM, SED/AWK, UNIX shells) and Relational Database Management Systems (ORACLE 8i, MS SQL, Microsoft AccessGeneral).

AVERY COHEN (web marketing expert) is the CEO of Metrist Partners, an internet marketing and technology consulting firm. Avery works primarily with marketers, helping them to understand the power of interactive online media to gain valuable insights into customer needs. Avery and the staff at Metrist Partners have developed expertise in web analytics, search engine optimization, search advertising, email marketing, test design and social media.www.metristpartners.com.

CASSANDRA WEST has a background in journalism and became fascinated by new media, social media, social networking and their abilities to facilitate connections with the speed of a keyboard click.

MICHELLE KAFFKO is a photographer and cinematographer who offers a variety of services, including headshots, product shots, and event photograph. More of her work can be seen at www.findmichelle.com.

SAMANTHA KEARNEY is a website and print designer and an enthusiastic Jack-of-all-trades.

ROGER KERSON is a writer and media consultant for green businesses, labor unions, environmental group and other non-profits. Former director of public relations at the United Auto Workers, he has prepared and conducted interviews with print, web and broadcast media from the U.S. and around the world; placed news stories, features and op-eds in major U.S. and international media, and directed multi-million dollar issue and candidate advertising campaigns. www.rkcommunications.net

Mark Pickus is a database specialist with an interest in the CiviCRM membership management extension for Joomla.  He coaches young people in robotics and engineering in his free time.

DANIEL QUINN is a freelance writer and web content specialist. Daniel approaches his craft from the perspective of a teacher, believing that his strength as a writer is “succinctly explaining that which is difficult to explain.” www.onehundredwordsorless.com

ETTA WORTHINGTON is a writer and filmmaker. With a background in journalism and educational publishing, She also has an M.B.A. with an emphasis in marketing. Some of her work can be seen at www.fernwork.com

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Client Stories

They created the attractive and user-friendly template for the Museum’s about-to-be-launched online exhibition as well as the design for many of our exhibition panels. They’re smart, reliable, pleasant to work with, technically savvy, and able to talk to and train people like me who are not very web-literate.

— Peg Strobel, Former Director, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum