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Logo Design tips

Logo design tips:

  • A brand is not a logo. It is an experience. The brand and logo reminds people what the group is known for which is gained through interaction with the group or business is various ways over time.
  • The best way to build a strong long lasting brand is building relationships with the audience.
  • Logo should be memorable and unique. 
  • What is the visual message and tone? formal, informal, modern, traditional, upbeat. low key, subdued, bright, professional. passionate, energetic, emotional, calming, friendly
  • Often a unique type treatment of the name is a perfect logo.
  • Pick favorite logos from logo websites (see online resources below).
  • A logo needs to be flexible. Should work large and small spaces, vertically and horizontally.
  • A logo can be modular -- a combination of several elements (small icon, larger graphic that includes the icon, type treatment of the name).
  • It saves time to design the logo along with one of the first uses like a brochure or a website banner.
  • A logo can be a photo or a photo collage combined with the name.
  • A very short tagline is a  very useful companion to a logo. It is the essence of what the groups wants to be known for.

Online resources:

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Free slideshow on graphic design and branding.

Client Stories

The quality of their work is superb! We are totally satisfied with the website built for us. The work was on schedule, and they were instantly and fully responsive to any requested adjustments and proposed realistic solutions to challenges that arose during the project.

— Alan Silverman, HIV/AIDS Learning Advisor, UNAIDS