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WebTrax’s Backup Policy

0101backupWebsites can be fragile things. Hackers, software glitches, server failure, and simple human error can all bring a site down. Frequent backups are the best insurance against extended site downtime. With an efficient backup system in place, a website can often be restored within hours.

WebTrax is NOT liable for data loss:

WebTrax Studio and our chosen hosting partner Pair Networks make reasonable efforts to safeguard your data and will assist you in repairing a site if a problem occurs, but we cannot be held legally liable for any data lost due to malicious actions or hardware / software failure.

We maintain two backup systems for all of our clients:

  • Automatic backups every 1 to 3 days:
    Approximately 2 month's worth of backups are saved at any one time. The database contains the text and settings of a website, and is the part of a website most likely to become damaged and require restoration. But the images and site framework are not included. Because of their small size, database backups are stored in WebTrax's Google cloud account free of charge.
  • Full website backups are done manually:
    File backups are done by WebTrax staff whenever we run a software update, which is approximately every 2-3 months. But clients can make a full backup themselves any time. Full website backups include the core files that run Joomla or WordPress, the template/theme, the extensions, and all images and documents that have been linked on the site. These backups are usually large, often several hundred megabytes. One file backup is stored on the same server at which your website resides, if space permits. But, storing your only full backup file on your web host account is not safe. Clients should store the most recent full backup file to a home or office computer.

backupfileYour responsibilities:

It is highly recommended you keep a full site backup on your own hard drive, and run a manual full backup before and after every major site update.

Email backups can be made by signing up to one of several automated backup services (we recommend imapbackup.com). Webtrax Studio can assist you in setting up this service and restoring backed-up email if a problem occurs, but we cannot be responsible for testing or maintaining your email backups. A few clients also store email on the same web host account as their website.

For extra website security: For our clients who maintain large, high-traffic sites, we strongly recommend upgrading to Akeeba Backup Professional for Joomla or MyRepono Cloud Storage for WordPress. These paid services provides additional useful features, including the ability to store a full site backup in the cloud by interfacing with Amazon S3, Rackspace, or DropBox. A license for Akeeba Backup Professional is about $55 per year. The MyRepono plugin is free. Storage costs for both vary by data volume, so please contact us for pricing.

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