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Internet Marketing Services


Marketing your site is as important as building it. Grow your business, publicize your events or raise more money using powerful internet tools and strategies. The tools are free. The secret of success is learning how to use the tools and to have a "search-engine-friendly" website. 

Market and fundraise like the big guys. Just because you may have a small nonprofit or business doesn’t mean you can’t use the same marketing, fundraising and outreach techniques that the big guys use—and get the same, excellent results. Learn powerful Internet tools and strategies to grow your business or nonprofit in a free workshop and a series of seminars designed to transform your Internet presence into a high-performing source of leads, members, donations and sales. 

Seminar Series on powerful Internet tools and strategies to grow your business or nonprofit repeats 4 times a year. Leave this 4-class course with a customized, detailed, step-by-step marketing plan that you can implement immediately. View more information on seminar cost, dates and location. WebTrax team member Avery Cohen of Metrist Partners will teach you:

  • how to evaluate what your Web site is doing—or not doing—for you
  • how to get more visitors through “Search Engine Optimization”
  • how to make your site compelling and keep visitors coming back
  • how to plan and run effective email campaigns
  • how to connect via online social networks

There are several parts to our internet marketing approach:

  • Search Engine optimization (SEO): The core and most powerful part is writing website text according to the guidelines for raising Google ranking. Writing web text that is short, engaging and includes proper use of key phrases is a difficult task. Hire our web writing specialist or learn web writing yourself.
  • The second part is combining the right elements (text and images) on the home page that engage first time visitors and lead them to the information they are looking for inside the site. The goal of a skillfully designed homepage is also to get visitors to take action - like join a enewsletter list.
  • The third part - an enewsletter - is the most powerful tool for internet marketing. It builds a community around a brand (company or nonprofit). Signing up for the enewsletter is an easy way for a site visitor to say "Yes, I'm interested and want to be part of your online community. Tell me more."
  • The fourth part is building relationships and community using the social media sites and blogs. This takes time and energy. An important goal is to form relationships with the leading bloggers in your area of interest or industry because they make your company known to exactly the people you want as customers.

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branding workshop



Free slideshow on graphic design and branding.

Client Stories

Our website was brought into the 21st century. With a keen eye for design and user-friendliness, the Webtrax team re-engineered our entire website.

— Rabbi Tracee Rosen, Senior Rabbi, Congregation Kol Ami