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Strategic Planning Services

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Strategic planning is an important prelude to any marketing plan. Why?

Let’s say Sophie and Jack want to help the environment, so they start a nonprofit. Sophie develops a logo and posts it on Facebook. Sophie and her friends twitter away as they debate the organization’s name, tag line, and web site design. Jack uploads a video clip to YouTube showing polar bears on melting icebergs. Meanwhile, Sophie identifies a large foundation that supports environmental groups. Sophie discovers that she cannot complete the pre-application, because she doesn’t have answers to the following questions: What is your organization’s mission and vision? What specific programs or services will you provide, what impact will those programs have and how will you measure impact? Sophie texts Jack and says, “Hold off on that blog.” They have a few other things to do first.

Whether you are starting anew or a well-established organization or business, we can provide the services you need to plan for your company or nonprofit’s future. Our approach is highly participatory and focused on the specific needs of your business or organization.

Strategic planning is a process that typically takes three to six months to complete. It can take more time, or less, depending on budget and circumstances.  
How it works: We collaborate with you to design an appropriate process for your organization. Once the process begins, we facilitate that process to help you:

  1. Understand the internal and external issues that shapes your business or nonprofit’s current reality
  2. Review, revise or re-imagine your mission
  3. Develop a new vision statement of what you want your business or nonprofit to achieve in the next three to five years
  4.  Identify the major obstacles that stand in the way of your vision.
  5. Develop key strategies to address the obstacles and build on organizational strengths
  6. Establish ad hoc work groups to develop detailed action plans for implementing the key strategies.

We typically recommend a daylong retreat (or two half-day meetings) to conduct Steps 2 – 5. We facilitate while you sit back and participate in structured discussions and activities that produce results.

Our services include:

  • Full service strategic planning services for businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and public service organizations
  • Business plans for start ups or organizations seeking to increase earned income
  • Board and staff development services including governance coaching
  • Meeting facilitation, curriculum development, program development and evaluation and related management services

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Client Stories

The WebTrax team was very helpful in coming up with simple solutions to some complex problems — of both design and database management and display — that saved us time and money.

— David Prosten, Union Communications