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Abortion Demonstration

The Jane Files For obvious reasons, the Abortion Counseling Service kept few records. Here are some we have collected.

Abortion—a woman's decision,a woman's right (Jane's original informational pamphlet)

The Jane Song (Lyrics only)a song commemorating the Abortion Counseling Service

The Jane Song (Audio) Hear The Jane Song for yourself. You will need Quicktime 3.0 or above and a Pentium or Power Macintosh computer. You may download Quicktime HERE.

CWLU Steering Committee Minutes-May 7, 1972 (Seven Jane members were arrested for performing illegal abortions during the first week of May. Defense of the Abortion 7 was the main topic for this critical CWLU steering meeting).

Letter from the Abortion Defense Fund-February 8, 1973 (The Abortion Defense Fund was set up to defend the Abortion 7. The Fund issued this letter shortly after the Roe v. Wade decision was announced).

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Special Feature